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A Message from Sheriff J. Paul Parker

Sheriff J. Paul Parker
Sheriff J. Paul Parker

I am very pleased to present our third electronic version of Sutter County Sheriff's Office Annual Report. I am a firm believer that the better the public is informed, the better they can help their local law enforcement agency do its job. The annual report will contain interesting statistics, and answer questions ranging from what the crime rate is, to how much an inmate meal costs. It will also provide insights to the various divisions of the Sheriff's Office and give you a better idea as to how your Sheriff's Office serves you. This is our third year at providing this report and no doubt it can and will be improved in subsequent years. If there is other information that you the citizen would like to see included in the annual report, please contact us so that we can facilitate your request if possible.

J. Paul Parker


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Printed on: 3/29/2015