Inmate Services

The Sutter County Sheriff's Office offers various programs. All of the Inmate Service programs offered by the Sheriff's Office are funded by the Inmate Welfare Fund or by the individual inmates themselves. Money in this Inmate Welfare Fund originates from the profit made on the inmate's commissary purchases and from inmate telephone commissions.

Work Release Coordinator L. Ferguson
Work Release Coordinator
L. Ferguson

  • GED High School Equivalency Program. This program is taught and administrated by CTEC. The cost of this program is approximately $11,000 per year and is paid for by the Inmate Welfare Fund.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous. This program is free of charge to the County.
  • The WELL program. (Work, Education and Life Skills). The primary goal of this program is to empower the chemically dependent offender, through education, training and treatment to reverse the socially unacceptable behavior that has resulted in his/her incarceration. This is a six-week program that is provided by the Sutter County Schools Office, the Sutter County Mental Health Department and the Sutter County Sheriff's Office. Our involvement in this program is limited to providing an education setting and security.
  • Outside Work Release. The OWR program allows inmates with minor offenses to work 8 hours per day on community projects. This program is limited to inmates with minor charges and less than 30 day sentences. You may download OWR Agreement from this website.
  • Work Furlough Program. This program is for sentenced in custody inmates who do not have violent offenses, drug manufacturing/transportation charges or sex offenses to work their normal jobs outside of he facility and return in the evenings. The program fees are paid by the inmate and are subject to approval by the Jail Commander. You may download the Work Furlough Agreement form from this website.
  • Buy out Program. This program is a program that transitions sentenced in-custody inmates into the OWR program. This program is overseen by the Jail Commander and is subject to his approval. The fees for this program are paid in full prior to release by the inmate.

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