Sutter County Sheriff's Office

Inmate Visiting Rules

Sutter County Jail has established an Inmate Visiting plan and policy which is reasonable and necessary to protect facility security and inmate welfare while allowing inmates opportunities to maintain social relationships with family and friends. This provides for as many visits and visitors as the facility schedules, considering space and number of personnel. Each inmate is allowed no fewer than two visits totaling at least one hour per inmate, per week. This plan is in accordance with required standards.


Appointments are not allowed. Visitors must come to the jail prior to the visiting hours and sign up to visit an inmate. Persons who are late will lose their visiting time. A visitor wishing to visit more than one inmate must complete one visit before signing up for a second or subsequent visit.


Attorneys, probation officers, clergy and members of law enforcement agencies are allowed to visit with inmates 24 hours per day on official business by providing their appropriate credentials. They may be allowed contact visits when staffing and security considerations allow.

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Printed on: 5/4/2016