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Canine Unit

The Sutter County Sheriff's Office Canine (K-9) Unit was established in 1969. The K-9 Unit currently consists of four teams; three teams working out of the main office, and one team assigned to the City of Live Oak. The K-9 Unit is supervised by a sergeant and deputy coordinator.

The K-9 Teams are primarily trained as patrol and protection, but they can also track people and search for objects. Deputy Traynor and his partner, Karo, are assigned to the City of Live Oak and they are crossed trained to also detect drugs. The K-9 Teams are also used for critical incidents within the jail when concern for the safety of the jail personnel and inmates are present. The K-9 Teams are also called upon by outside agencies to assist with the tracking of felons who have fled or searching for illegal drugs.

The K-9 Unit enjoys active involvement with various community organizations. The teams provide demonstrations for schools, youth groups, retirement homes or the elderly, and civic organizations. The K-9 demonstrations for youth groups and young children are especially rewarding, because the children can see the law enforcement officer in a different light. The children are able to see a fun and relaxed side of our profession which helps build a foundation of trust between the deputies and the children within our community.

Deputy Hunt and his partner, K-9 Deputy Ike

Deputy Hunt and his partner, K-9 Deputy Ike
Deputy Hunt and
K-9 Partner Ike
Deputy Hunt is a K-9 handler with the Sutter County Sheriff’s Office and has been working with police K9s for several years. His K-9 partner’s name is Ike. Deputy Hunt has personally raised and trained Ike who lives with Deputy Hunt and his family.

Ike was born in October of 2005 and was certified for patrol in January, 2007. He is a Dutch Shepherd of the same blood lines as several other working police K-9s in the Sheriff’s Office. Ike is certified for protection work, which includes building searches, area searches, and tracking. In Ike’s short career, he has assisted in the apprehension of several suspects.

Ike is very eager to train and eager to work, however, when he is off duty he is known to lounge around on the couch. Ike loves to play catch and tug-a-war. He is a very loyal K-9 and will continue serving our community by protecting the public by apprehending criminals.

Deputy Traynor and his partner, K-9 Deputy Karo

Deputy Traynor and his partner, K-9 Deputy Karo
Deputy Traynor and
K-9 Partner Karo
Deputy Traynor is the K-9 handler assigned to the City of Live Oak. With his K-9 partner, Karo, they have the honor of being selected as the City of Live Oak’s first K-9 Unit.

K-9 Deputy Karo became Deputy Traynor’s partner and family member in November, 2007. Karo is a Belgian Malinois who came from Holland. Karo understands both English and Dutch. Karo is also certified in narcotics. K-9 Deputy Karo loves his job! If it were up to him he would work all day, every day. Karo refuses to call in sick and does not require a vacation.

When K-9 Deputy Karo and Deputy Traynor are not working, they enjoy watching the San Francisco Giants and the Oakland Raiders games on television at home. Karo loves to play with the kids at the local little league park, where they often go for training.

Deputy Leming and her partner, K-9 Deputy Digita

Deputy Leming and her partner, K-9 Deputy Digita
Deputy Leming and
K-9 Partner Digita
Deputy Leming is currently assigned to the K-9 Team for the Sutter County Sheriff’s Office. Her law enforcement career started in Sutter County in 1996, when she worked as a reserve deputy for three years before getting hired full time as a correctional officer. In 2005, she was transferred to the Operations Division of the Sheriff’s Office. In 2007, she was assigned to the K-9 team as the Office’s second female handler.

Diesel was Deputy Leming’s first K-9 Partner and he is a Belgian Malinois from Holland. They worked together as partners up until Diesel’s retirement, due to age and health issues. During his career, Diesel assisted in apprehending several criminals and conducted several public demonstrations. Diesel is now living the relaxing life as a dog at home with Deputy Leming and her family.

In November 2012, Deputy Leming received a new K-9 partner, Digita. Digita is a female Belgian Malinois from the Czech Republic and is the first female K-9 at the Sutter County Sheriff’s Office. Digita was certified to work patrol in January 2013. Deputy Leming looks forward to working with Digita, side by side, for many years to come. Deputy Leming plans on having Digita certified in narcotics and competing in K-9 trials. Digita looks forward to meeting and protecting the citizens of Sutter County.

Deputy Joe Gutierrez and his partner, K-9 Deputy Buster

Deputy Joe Gutierrez and his partner, K-9 Deputy Buster
Deputy Gutierrez and
K-9 Partner Buster
Deputy Gutierrez has been working as a deputy sheriff for Sutter County Sheriff’s Office since July, 2007. He is currently assigned as a resident deputy primarily patrolling the communities of Pleasant Grove, Rio Oso, East Nicolaus and Robbins.

His K-9 partner, Buster, is a male Belgian Malinois and they began working together as partners since January, 2012. Buster is certified for building searches, tracking, and handler protection and was trained using Dutch Police K-9 commands. Buster and Deputy Gutierrez are also called upon to conduct searches in other areas of the county and for other outside law enforcement agencies in the surrounding area.

When Buster is not working or at weekly trainings, he enjoys relaxing with Deputy Gutierrez and his family at home. Buster enjoys relaxing in front of the fireplace on cold nights, playing in cool water on hot summer days, and playing ball in the front yard on any day.

Canine Demonstrations

To schedule a K-9 demonstration, contact our office at (530) 822-7307.


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