School Resource Officer

Sutter County Sheriff School Resource Officer Program places law enforcement officers (SRO) in schools with the goal of developing partnerships with teachers, students, and school administrators. Those partnerships are the building blocks of problem solving and creating a positive influence on the students.

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SRO Akin interacting with...
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...local school students

A goal of the program is for students and deputies to develop partnerships and foster respect and trust between them. It is these partnerships that allow the free flow of information to law enforcement that can not only prevent crime, but aides in developing a safe environment for all. The program also reflects the desire of the community to ensure that the schools operate in a safe, secure, and orderly fashion.

The SRO program also reflects a proactive strategy designed to bring prevention and intervention into the schools. By being on campus, the SRO can often prevent problems from occurring. When problems do arise, the SRO may be able to intervene quickly and address what is taking place. A SRO is also able to contribute to the overall safe school planning efforts and act as a resource for the school when an emergency may occur. Currently, the Sheriff's Office has two deputies assigned to the SRO program.

Those wishing to speak with a Resource Officer can call the Sheriff's Office at (530) 822-7307, and ask to speak with an SRO Deputy.

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