School Resource Officer FAQ

Q: Are our schools so bad that we need an officer there?

No, Sutter County Schools are some of the safest schools in the county. The role of the School Resource Officer is not just law enforcement; it is to bridge the gap between police and the youth and to open the lines of communication.

Q: What is a cop doing on campus?

The purpose of police officers on campus is not to "catch" students doing something wrong. It is to help create a safe environment for both students and staff.

Q: Why would an officer talk to my child?

The problem solving process is enhanced when mutual respect is shared between the youth and the police. Open conversations are the key to creating an atmosphere of trust.

Q: How can school administration and staff benefit from a School Resource Officer?

Having full-time officers dedicated to the schools allows teachers and staff the opportunity to access a reliable resource concerning law enforcement and public safety issues on campus and in the community.

Q: As a student, how do I know I can trust the School Resource Officer?

The success of the School Resource Officer Program is based on a strong relationship with the youth. Consistency and fairness are priorities as well as equal application of the law.